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# Project Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Updated
18 Disorder Defect Closed Normal replace boost/random usage with standard C++11 <random> Tony Ciavarella 09/20/2017 09:22 PM Actions
17 Disorder Defect Closed Normal add sanity checks to IPPacketDecoder Tony Ciavarella 04/15/2017 03:26 PM Actions
16 Disorder Defect Closed Normal remove dependency on boost::factory Tony Ciavarella 04/15/2017 09:40 PM Actions
15 Disorder Defect Closed Normal stop using boost::shared_ptr in pdu::Disseminator::Receiver Tony Ciavarella 04/21/2014 12:32 AM Actions
14 Disorder Feature Closed Normal add an entity event test Tony Ciavarella 01/14/2014 09:28 PM Actions
13 Disorder Defect Closed Normal don't crash when inflating a datum specification with unknown datum records Tony Ciavarella 01/02/2014 04:00 PM Actions
12 Disorder Feature Closed Normal add logic to handle receipt of stop/freeze and start/resume PDUs Tony Ciavarella 12/21/2013 12:39 AM Actions
11 Disorder Feature Rejected Normal need to take goofy DIS body coordinate system into account Tony Ciavarella 11/30/2016 10:52 PM Actions
10 Disorder Feature Closed Normal support dead reckoning of articulated parts Tony Ciavarella 11/30/2016 10:50 PM Actions
9 Disorder Feature Closed Normal add the test name to the test output status line Tony Ciavarella 05/17/2013 02:06 PM Actions
8 Disorder Feature Closed Normal more convenient way to access entity appearance is needed Tony Ciavarella 05/16/2013 11:42 AM Actions
7 Disorder Feature Closed Normal replace NULL with nullptr Tony Ciavarella 05/16/2013 11:08 PM Actions
6 Disorder Feature Closed Normal add C++11 override specifier where appropriate Tony Ciavarella 05/17/2013 02:07 PM Actions
5 Disorder Feature Closed Normal convert enums to strongly typed c++11 enums Tony Ciavarella 06/06/2013 03:36 PM Actions
4 Disorder Feature Closed Normal add c++11 move semantics where applicable Tony Ciavarella 06/06/2013 03:37 PM Actions
3 Disorder Defect Closed Normal custom PDU factory test fails with optimizations on under GCC 4.4.5 Tony Ciavarella 04/30/2013 08:35 PM Actions
2 Disorder Defect Closed Normal do something about cl 'optimizing' out inline singleton registration voodoo Tony Ciavarella 04/13/2013 02:14 AM Actions
1 Disorder Feature Closed Normal need to add an application specific data factory for the signal PDU Tony Ciavarella 03/13/2013 12:59 PM Actions

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