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  • Disorder (Manager, Developer, 05/01/2013)



12:26 AM Disorder Revision 1426:c8dc0f468425: added support for other parameters inside the dead reckoning parameters record


10:30 PM Disorder Revision 1425:20c4800ac9c2: don't leak memory in error path of pdu transport unit test
this problem was found by clang scan-build


12:31 AM Disorder Revision 1424:4b868812d908: siso::DRParametersType is a uint8_t


12:01 AM Disorder Revision 1423:3d64b752199b: abandon worthless attempt to automatically determine broadcast address for udp transports
11:33 PM Disorder Revision 1422:7f74c282b54d: slightly better udp endpoint debug log messages
11:30 PM Disorder Revision 1421:b9a3bd35322e: it's probably better if this thing doesn't throw an unhandled exception instead of making a UDP broadcast network transport
09:28 PM Disorder Revision 1420:9ab0246fd96e: bubble up ip version and netmask specification now available in network::udp::make_transport to pdu::transport::make_udp
09:25 PM Disorder Revision 1419:9c90f76573b6: lets go with an overload of network::udp::make_transport instead of make_netmasked_transport
07:58 PM Disorder Revision 1418:4685d594eeee: allow IP version and netmask to be supplied to the transport factory function for deterministic host name resolution disambiguation


02:05 AM Disorder Revision 1417:ce7aeed94256: allow UDP endpoint to produce deterministic host name resolution results when the hostname is ambiguous through explicit specification of desired internet protocol version and/or application of a netmask
This commit also adds a unit test for the UDP endpoint.

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